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The project of 3D laser scanning and drone imaging of the Paromlin building is an example of the advantages of using such technology in projects documenting the current state of the building along with meeting restoration needs.

Using two Faro 3D laser scanners and DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, it was possible to quickly collect the necessary data (a total of 440 scans and 1185 drone images) to create the final point cloud. After a total of 553 hours of field and office work, a quality BIM model of the Paromlin building was created.

By using the Faro x130 3D laser scanner and the DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, 718 scans and 1200 images of the interior and the exterior of the Villa Dubrovnik hotel were obtained.

By processing the data collected in the field, a point cloud was created, on the basis of which a detailed and visually realistic BIM model of the hotel was created. This project is an example of how the application of 3D scanning technology and photogrammetry is a poweful tool not only for collecting data of the current state and creating quality BIM models, but also in terms of visualization.