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Laser scanning is a familiar term in architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial and infrastructural projects, cultural heritage conservation, as well as other businesses which require correct 3D visualisation of spaces and spatial objects. We use the latest 3D laser scanning technologies. The scanner sends laser beams towards the object to measure its reflection from the object, which guarantees correct, fast and efficient BIM model data collection. With this procedure we get a measurable 3D model in the shape of a point cloud, where each point has its own precise coordinates, so we can quickly ascertain the physical properties of the object.

The advantage of 3D laser scanners is the fact that in a brief period of time they collect large amounts of data from their surroundings, which eliminates the need to go back into the field and cuts the time needed to do field work, and ultimately brings lower costs. The end result of laser scanning gives a realistic representation of a building or an object along with all the recognizable and precisely measured details, and can be further used in civil engineering, mechanical engineering and architectural planning. We have four laser scanners at our disposal, which means we can perform large and complex projects quickly and efficiently.

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