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CAD technology is applied in order to document the existing condition of buildings or objects (elevation drawings, floor plan drawings and ceilings) in the form of 2D CAD drafts which can ultimately be used for further planning, maintenance, modelling, construction etc. As a basis for this 2D documentation we use point cloud. 2D CAD draft based on a point cloud gives more flexibility in data management and final production when compared to traditional methods. For example, this way we can develop 2D displays, but also upgrade them and export them from CAD surroundings.

As it is the case with many other projects that involve export from CAD surroundings, specification is key because it determines the density inside the cloud when collecting data, as well as the extraction level for the final result. Larger amount of collected data enables us better understanding of the details and determining the level of precision, so if you have done some of the planning before the project began, you can avoid repeated visits to the location and save both time and money.

  • Existing condition of cultural heritage
  • Existing condition of boiler rooms, pipelines, heating and cooling systems (MEP)
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