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Why is Scan to BIM the key to modern construction and engineering projects?

go2bim | 30. June 2021.

Modern technology has found its way into the areas of construction, architecture and engineering, and the processes involved, such as capturing the state of the existing building, are completed fast, easily and more accurately.

Today reconstruction and repurpose of existing objects makes up for most of the construction and engineering sector. In order to restore and upgrade objects with modern technological systems, we must use precise documentation of the existing building when planning. The available documentation is mostly old or lacking quality and accuracy.

Laser scanning – the beginning of every reconstruction

Laser scanning enables us to collect large quantities of spatial data in a short period of time. The speed and precision of such data gathering is immeasurable when compared to classic manual measurements, especially when done on complex and inaccessible parts of the objects in question. The precision of laser scans is ±2 mm, which enables us to spot deformations and check the building’s integrity and in time.

The digital format removes the need to visit the field more than once, which means that the costs are optimised even in this first stage.

Point cloud

The result of laser scanning is a measurable 3D model called point cloud. Upon their return from the field, our hardworking geodesists process the raw files so we can continue with post processing and reach a unique point cloud, which will later serve as a basis for high-quality and precise 3D modelling.

point cloud

Joint cooperation on the building’s 3D BIM model

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process based on the 3D model which is used by architects, engineers and construction managers on order to reach insight and tools for more efficient planning, designing, building and management of buildings and infrastructure. BIM model holds additional information such as the type and quantities of construction materials, details on the installed equipment and various systems: HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), fire systems, plumbing etc.

BIM is more than a mere 3D model. It enables us to visualise the entire project from different perspectives. All the professions involved can react in a short period of time and go through with the planned changes, and the project documentation is more accurate and of higher quality.

By using data provided by the model, a more precise and accurate outcome of various projects can be seen, even before they begin. This kind of coordination is a prerequisite for many positive changes, and the basis of all these improvements is a 3D model of the existing state of the building.

What types of software do we use?

Depending on the type of documentation needed, we use 2D CAD, REVIT and ArchiCAD software.

The process which begins by 3D scanning, and ends with a BIM model, makes your projects and project documentation more accurate and of higher quality. If you need an advice or professional assistance, contact us on

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